After my graduation in April of 2014, I spent six weeks on a solo backpacking adventure via Eurail through Europe.

 12 Countries in 6 weeks


I spent about two weeks in Italy, it was one of my bucket list places and it certainly did not disappoint. Below is a list of the place I visited in chronological order and the places I stayed with a link to their Hostel World page, followed by a few pictures.

Roma: I stayed with my friend Raquel, who was living in the city.

Firenze: David's Inn (a cute little place with a beautiful view of the Duomo)

Pisa: Hostel Pisa ( Clean and safe, but not much there other than the tower)

Riomaggiore // Cinque Terre: Affittacamere Patrizia (Simple, but the village is amazing)

Venezia : Ostello S. Fosca (It was alright, might not stay there again, but it was fine)

Milano: Lupetta 5 ( HELL NO) -- After just checking this place is no longer open! 


The Vatican


I studied French in both high school and university, so France has a very special place in my heart. I visited Nice right after leaving Milano and took a day trip to Monaco, but did not visit Paris until the end of my trip once I worked my way further north. 

Nice: Meyerbeer Beach Hostel (Loved it! Met the most amazing people and it is well located)

Paris: Hotel Bonsejour Montmartre (Nothing special, but Montmarte is lovely)


One of the most popular questions I have received is where was your favourite you visited, well hands down it would have to be Switzerland, Interlaken to be specific. The whole country was stunning, I was in awe of the natural beauty the entire time I was there. I would love to go back.

Geneva: Youthhostel Geneva (Very large, well located, but not much charm)

Interlaken: Alp Lodge/Backpackers (Really really nice! Would totally return)
                   * I went hang gliding here and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, if you're looking to go or if you're ever in Interlaken, I would highly recommend Hang Gliding Interlaken.

Lucerne: Backpackers Lucerne (Clean and friendly, decently located, and well priced)


If you're like my family you're probably thinking, "Liechtenstein... why? what?" Well to be honest, it just seemed like one of those places that would be cool to say you've been to, like, "Oh, yes When I was in Liechtenstein..."  Needless to say, I have yet to be able to use that line, there was very little to do there, but the countryside was beautiful and I was able to do my laundry so there's that.

Schaan-Vaduz: Youthhostel Schaan-Vaduz (So, this lovely place states proudly that they are the NUMBER ONE hostel in Liechtenstein, well let me tell you a fun fact, they are the ONLY hostel in Liechtenstein....



I ended up here because it was on my way and because I love, The Sound of Music! I spent about two days in Salzburg and then took a day trip to Munich to visit my best friend Regan.

Salzburg: YOHO International Youth Hostel Salzburg (They were great, the rooms were clean and had good wifi, they had a bar and restaurant downstairs that even served vegetarian schnitzel and every night they had a viewing of The Sound of Music)



Budapest was not on my list of places to visit, but when you go backpacking one of the introductory questions you ask when you meet new people is, "So, where has been your favourite place?" and more often than not most people said Budapest, so I decided I had to go and I was no disappointed.

Budapest: Wombats City Hostel (This is a chain of hostels and  they are probably my favourite, I would highly recommend them. This was not a party hostel, which is one of the things the city is known for, however it still had a popular bar downstairs and was well located to other bars and the party hostels."


Czech Republic

My best friend, Regan, lives in Munich and she always talks about when people come to visit her she takes them to Prague because it is so incredibly beautiful. So, I decided I had to visit, despite everything this city has gone through it has maintained its history and beauty, it has a bit a fairytale wonder.

Prague: Prague Square Hostel (Extremely well located, clean and friendly, I would definitely recommend)


Now don't get my wrong Germany is a nice enough place, but if it weren't for Regan living there I wouldn't have gone so many times. I wasn't in the greatest mood when I went to Berlin so that might be why I did not particularly enjoy it, but Munich was far too much fun, I have been there a few times. While backpacking I made a quick stop and stayed at Regan's, however I have gone before and stayed in a hostel that I would totally recommend.

Berlin: Three Little Pigs (Not that great, it had a okay location, but the set up was a bit odd, there are definitely a lot of better options, i.e. Wombats)

München: Wombats City Hostel (Like I said, they're probably my favourite chain hostel, they're clean, safe, and have a cool atmosphere, If you can ever stay at a Wombats totally do it)

The Netherlands

I wish people would think of this city as something other than a scandalous playground, because it has much more to offer. Don't get me wrong the other parts are fun to, but thats not the only thing that makes this city special. After Switzerland, Amsterdam would be my favourite place, it was lovely, clean, safe, and different. This is a place that I would actually enjoy living in, I would totally recommend visiting.

Amsterdam: The Flying Pig Downtown (This world famous hostel did not disappoint, it was well located and everything you could imagine and more, if you're looking for a good time, don't look any further)


Yet another place I did not plan on visiting, but I'm so glad I did. I didn't spend much time here, because I really only came to be able to fly back to Fort Lauderdale direct from Copenhagen through Norwegian, totally recommend them, seriously cheap flights. Anyways, Copenhagen was very pretty, but very expensive.

Copenhagen: Copenhagen Downtown Hostel (A bit pricey, but everything seems to be in Copenhagen, it was a really cool hostel and city though, I definitely want to return)