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Ballin' on a Budget

So one of the questions I get quite often are do I have any tips for traveling/backpacking, so without further ado here are a few (I’m such a poet).

If you’re looking to really travel Europe and see a lot of countries I would definitely look into the Eurail or InterRail pass (Eurail is for non-EU residents and the InterRail is for EU citizens) you can get them for different lengths of time and different countries, check out their website: http://www.eurail.com or http://www.interrail.eu

If you’re just trying to go to a few places maybe flying would work best for you, Ryanair and Easyjet are definitely the cheapest airlines. There is nothing special about them except that they are CHEAPPPPP!

I found trains to be ideal because you get to see more of the country, but they can be a bit pricey, if you book in advance it’s not too bad, but you can avoid all that if you have a Eurail or InterRail pass.

Order a debit card that has the chip in it, it will avoid having your card not work while abroad. Also alert your bank about your travel plans so that way they don’t put holds on your cards; also some banks have partnerships with other banks that will not charge for withdrawals or international fees.

When trying to go to historical sites it’s best to pay the extra money to just buy the ticket online. You will seriously save hours; it is totally worth the money.

Invest in a water bottle that has a filter in it, it will help you avoid sketchy water and over paying for bottled water.

Bring scented dryer sheets and put them in your backpack, it will help keep your clothes smelling fresh longer, because if you’re like me you will find anyway to avoid doing laundry.

Just because someone speaks English does not mean they are American…. Canadians do travel too and they don’t like people thinking that they’re American. Just try not to make assumptions about people, most are cool, but some do actually get upset.Try to know the words “Hello,” “Goodbye,” “Please,” and “Sorry” for each country you go to, it will make things a zillion times easier.

Don’t bother with traveller’s checks.

Always carry some cash because many places will not accept cards. Also when pulling out money, pull out a decent amount because you don’t want to have to constantly be doing it because you get charged a fee each time, it’s usually only about $5 but that adds up, let me tell ya.

If you’re ever desperate for WiFi go to McDonalds……


If you want to check out pictures and get more information about my backpacking adventure check out it from the link at the top.

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