Hello... it's me.

Welcome to my wild and weird world. This blog, website, whatever you want to call it started off as a way to share things with friends and family while a travel. Now I'm opening it up to all you beautiful people, I hope you enjoy x

3 Months & counting!

It's been a hot minute since I updated this bad boy, my apologies. It has been about a month since I started teaching and I have finally developed a routine and slowly but surely I am less exhausted each day, which is allowing me more time to create things for Chasing Chandler. I have complied some random video's of the last month or so and made it into one giant randomly pieced together mess, but it includes clips from my little nuggets in class. So without further ado....

Christmas Shenanigans Ft. Kjorn, Carrot Bitch, The Blind Bitch, Barney Stinson, and Snow White.

ABC it's easy as 123