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A Day Trip to Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is the former capital of Siam (home of Siamese cats, obviously) it also houses many beautiful ruins of temples and Buddha’s that once marked a thriving and colorful city. Now Ayutthaya is merely just a city that is a day trip outside of Bangkok that often times is over looked. My mom and I visited the UNESCO World Heritage site for the day on Tuesday through a tour program done by our hotel, Boonsiri Place, which is great by the way, if you come to Bangkok check them out, they are within walking distance to most of the historical sites and the staff is beyond friendly and helpful. Anyways, my mom and I loaded up in the mini van with about 10 other people and headed north, it was about an hour drive, which allowed us to see the outskirts of the city and part of the countryside, which weirdly looks like South Florida, including the horrendous traffic. Once we arrived we saw numerous temples, all different styles, i.e. Cambodian, Malaysian, Laos, and Thai. It was interesting to see the different styles of the temples, it reminded my mom and I of how there are different styles of churches. The most remarkable place my mom and I went was Wat Phra Mahthat, it is where a head of a Buddha is in a tree. The story is that when the Burmese (now the people of Myanmar) invaded Thailand, they destroyed all the temples of Ayutthaya and tore down the Buddha’s; this one in particular had its head removed and tossed on the ground. Eventually a tree grew in that spot and the head of the Buddha became intertwined in the tree, the neat part about it is that the face is not obstructed by the roots. The other exciting thing we saw in Ayutthaya were ELEPHANTS, which is all my mom really wanted to see when she came to Thailand. These in particular were part of a sanctuary in a national park that you could visit. I absolutely adore ellies (that’s what I call Elephants, I like to abrev) we were overjoyed just to get to see a few, they are such beautiful and majestic creatures, they were very friendly and I even got to snap a few pictures with one. Overall Ayutthaya was a simple but special day, if you’re looking for something different to do or you just want to get out of Bangkok, like me, then I would definitely suggest going because it really is a unique place. 

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